HDF Bugna Secondary School for Girls: Muzaffarabad Kashmir Pakistan

In the wake of the devastating earthquake in 2005, HDF opened a school for girls’ higher education in Muzaffarabad, Kashmir. The school, situated on top of a hill in the picturesque and remote Bugna village, aims to provide hope and vision to its community.

Bugna School

HDF trains young women in the Bugna region to teach at the high school, and hopes that some of the school’s graduates will stay on and become instructors themselves. The prefabricated school building encircling a small courtyard is modest by Western standards. But in a country where many government schools lack basic services and regular teachers, the facility has full bathrooms, a science lab complete with skeleton models and a buzzing computer room.


HDF is proud to state that girls have started graduating Bugna High School and are continuing higher education at various Universities. These girls have now set a precedent for the school children, and we hope to see a greater number of alumni going on to college.

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