2015 Expense Ratios

** Programs 86%
** Administration 9%
** Fundraising 5%

HDF Impact

21% of Pakistan’s population is living below the poverty line.
You have helped train over 12,000 men and women through vocational skills
and enabled them to raise their standards of living.

Pakistan has the second most out of school children in the world.
You have helped educate more than 10,000 students and train over 4,000 teachers.

Pakistan has the 4th highest burden of child mortality in the world with over 60% of all deaths due to infectious diseases.
Because of you, 99.5% of children under 2 are fully immunized against preventable diseases
in HDF Program areas.

There are only 2 (per 10,000 population) Primary health care centers in Pakistan.
You have helped HDF operate 8 Community Health Clinics and treat 25,395 households.

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