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2015 Expense Ratios

** Programs 86%
** Administration 9%
** Fundraising 5%

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Possibility Partners are members of a special circle of supporters who are committed to securing a better future for Pakistan.

By making recurring monthly donations, you will instantly become a Possibility Partner; thereby providing a constant lifeline for maintaining HDF’s education, health, social mobilization, economic development and sustainable environment work in Pakistan. Make your giving as consistent as your commitment. Your monthly gifts keep needed dollars flowing and ensures our work continues uninterrupted. Just tell us how much you want to give and we will set up your recurring gift. We count on your consistent support to continue bringing positive change.


Ashraf, a former student in Mardan, Pakistan, saw his possibilities change after an HDF teacher visited him and his parents in their home. At the time, he had left school and spent his days aimlessly. He had seen his older brothers go through a government school with too many students and too few teachers and not learn anything worthwhile. Ashraf questioned the value of going to school at all. “HDF schools are different,” the teacher told him and his parents. “They have smaller classes, teachers involve parents in their children’s education and actively mentor their students.” Ashraf listened carefully. He began to see what was possible for him and decided to go back to school. He finished high school and went on to graduate from college

Today, Ashraf is a field representative for a pharmaceutical company and supports his family. He sometimes wonders what his life would’ve been if the teacher had not made that fateful visit.

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