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HDF's THANKS Scholarship Program

2015 Expense Ratios

** Programs 86%
** Administration 9%
** Fundraising 5%

THANKS Scholarships

HDF is Committed to Providing Education for All. You can support our work by giving to our Education & Literacy Program or by establishing your own THANKS Scholarship for deserving children in Pakistan.

A Scholarship is established with a $10,000 donation and can be established in someone's memory or honor.

The donation is distributed into two funds.

- To achieve its investment objectives, 90% of the funds in initial contributions will be allocated as permanently restricted funds. These funds are for investment and growth only.
- 10% of the funds in initial contribution will be temporarily restricted and all distributions for THANKS Scholarships scholarships will be made from these temporarily restricted funds.

Any addition to the initial contribution will be allocated by the same ratio of 90:10 as described above unless specified by the donor otherwise. The distribution of scholarship, from the temporarily restricted fund, will be made to deserving students studying at HDF schools, recommended by HDF Pakistan and the scholarship committee and approved by the board of directors. The frequency of distribution of these funds will be mostly once or twice a year depending on the needs of various awards/scholarships. Only the profit from permanently restricted funds (90% portion)?will be used to replenish the temporarily restricted (10%) funds. This replenishment will be done only once at the end of the year upon determination of the amount of profit earned.

THANKS Scholarship FAQs

Current THANKS Scholarships

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