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2016 Expense Ratios

** Programs 80%
** Administration 9%
** Fundraising 11%


At the center of HDF's work in Pakistan is the Village Development Organization. These groups have become institutions in the community, and are led by both men and women to manage efforts in all four HDF programs.

The goal of HDF is to develop all VDOs to A Grade Level and hand over community management and development efforts to the communities.

Lahore has 2 A Grade VDOs and they are already making a difference in this region.

In 2016, Lahore VDOs created a joint campaign with HDF Health teams against the Dengue, Polio, and Malaria in Karol War, Eno Bhatti, Saghyan, Arazi Janjua, and Hardoo Jaboo to mitigate an epidemic outbreak.

As a result, Community Health Workers are regularly participating in Polio campaigns in HDF program areas, and 100% of children in the area are fully immunized.

HDF Girls Secondary School Eno Bhatti

  • 14 Teachers
  • 186 Students
  • HDF Secondary School Karolwar

  • 11 Teachers
  • 170 Students
  • Diploma Courses

  • 10 Courses
  • Community Health Clinic

  • 2,065 Households