THANKS Scholarship FAQs

2017 Expense Ratios

Programs $1,790,601
Fundraising $239,290
Management & General $124,233

THANKS Scholarship FAQs

How Do THANKS Scholarships Work?

  • A minimum donation of $10,000 is needed to establish one THANKS Scholarship
  • The donation will become part of HDF’s Endowment Fund
  • Ten percent of the donation, and income earned from the remaining investment, will be disbursed as the award
  • The first award distribution will take place approximately one year after the fund achieves full endowment fund status
  • 90% of the donation will remain intact and ensure that the scholarship runs in perpetuity
  • What is the Duration of the Scholarship?

    The donation will become part of the HDF endowment. Each year new students will be awarded scholarships for the life of the organization

    How Can I Become a Sponsor?

    To start a scholarship, the sponsor needs to...
  • Send a donation of any multiple of $10,000 to the Human Development Foundation
  • Complete a scholarship donation form
  • The scholarship fund can also be started as a recurring donation with monthly/quarterly installments, until $10,000 is collected
  • Smaller contributions are also welcome, BUT a scholarship can only be set up once a minimum donation sum of $10,000 has been received.

    Why Should I Sponsor?

  • It encourages students to gain the gift of education
  • It provides hope to their entire family to break the cycle of poverty
  • It is a gift that keeps giving!
  • The donations are tax deductible
  • It is a self-sustaining timeless donation; each year the original donation in the endowment will help another student
  • It gives you an opportunity to honor someone significant in your life
    • The sponsor can name the scholarship to honor his/her parents, a hero, any loved one or someone who made an impact in their life
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