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Rahim Yar Khan

2017 Expense Ratios

Programs 76%
Administration 8%
Fundraising 16%

*Disclaimer: These are unaudited numbers for 2017

Rahim Yar Khan

HDF Secondary School Basti Khandoo

  • 14 Teachers
  • 317 Students
  • HDF Primary School Basti Raees

  • 6 Teachers
  • 110 Students
  • HDF Primary School 99-1L

  • 7 Teachers
  • 169 Students
  • HDF Secondary School Tibba Gharib Shah

  • 7 Teachers
  • 95 Students
  • HDF Primary School Tibba Gharib Shah Campus 1

  • 7 Teachers
  • 137 Students
  • HDF Primary School Tibba Gharib Shah Campus 2

  • 8 Teachers
  • 160 Students

  • WHY WAS THIS SCHOOL STARTED? In the beginning, the literacy rate was very low in this area. People were not interested in children’s education, especially for girls.

    According to the need and community demand, HDF opened elementary and secondary schools in Tibba Ghareeb Shah. Before HDF, in the entire UC Amin Garh there was only one elementary school, and that was far away from Tibba Ghareeb Shah.

    There was also only one government girls primary school at Tibba Gharib Shah. People of the village were not satisfied with the government school education, as teachers and other facilities were short. Opportunities for a Secondary Education were not available in the area. The Village Development Organization (VDO) asked HDF to open a school, and HDF started non-formal schools in this area. Now these schools have been converted to a Formal Primary School

  • Currently the Literacy rate in this area is 47%, but for the ages of 5 to 16 this rate is 96%

  • In Tibba Gharib Shah there are 3 rented buildings. This disadvantage of this arrangement is that the owner can ask at anytime for the school to vacate the building. At this time, the possibility of finding another building to rent of the same size and in the same area is extremely difficult. It has become necessary to have a permanent school building in the area. This poor community cannot afford to donate land to HDF for this construction.

    Non Formal Primary Schools

    • 6 Schools
    • 17 Teachers
    • 676 Students

    Community Health Clinc

  • 5,139 Households
  • Diploma Courses

    • 50 Courses