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Female Literacy: "Little to celebrate, Lot to worry"

By Ulfat Bangash, HDF

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." (Frederick Douglass)

Not only is illiteracy a problem for today's children who hope to achieve great things in life it is also a problem for coming generations. Not being able to read or write prevents individuals from certain jobs, accessing information on health care and other services, and from learning. This can lead to unemployment or under payment, further exacerbating poverty. In turn, the children of the poor are more prone to ill health, exploitation and being illiterate themselves. As we require food to live, need education for social and individual development. This shows that "Literacy is the best remedy."

Currently, it is extimated that over 780 million adults do not know how to read and write. Additionally, 94 to 115 million children worldwide do not have access to education. According to UNICEF, young women accounted for 59% of the total illiterate youth population. UNESCO finds that girls make up over half of the children out of school around the world - at 31 million.

International Literacy Day is one way UNESCO strives to shine a spotlight on these issues and to help increase literacy around the world. Since 1965, International Literacy Day has honored and celebrated international efforts to increase literacy rates and aims to highlight the importance of literacy for individuals, and society, as a whole. People all over the world celebrate this day, bringing communities, organizations, schools, teachers, and learners together.

"Attain knowledge from cradle to grave"

The Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said, "Acquiring of knowledge is obligatory to every Muslim male and female."

The Education & Literacy program at Human Development Foundation (HDF) aims to provide quality education to children in marginalized communities and lays special emphasis on gender equality and community participation. One of the major aspects of HDF's program is the education of girls and women. Several families are not aware of the benefit of educating females when there are mouths to feed. Numerous young girls are forced to drop out of school. HDF visualizes a future where girls have health, literacy, involvement in economic activities and awareness of their privileges and leadership abilities. Investment in girls' education is the most efficient worldwide solution to remove gender inequality. HDF's Village Development Organizations strive to influence parents to send their daughters to school and give them to chance to escape poverty.

The world requires augmented funding and persistent encouragement for quality education programs to make sure that girls and boys at both primary and secondary levels never grow to be a new cohort of young illiterates. Each literate woman symbolizes a conquest over poverty. Governments, private organizations, donors, and all development associates need to make education obtainable for women around the world. Literacy is a crucial bae for development and success. To empower women via education empowers all of us.

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