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2017 Expense Ratios

Programs $1,949,314
Fundraising $408,056
Administrative $211,418

*Disclaimer: These are unaudited numbers for 2017


There are several ways you can make a difference at HDF! In the fight to eliminate extreme poverty, you are not just volunteers and donors, you are the reason HDF is having an impact on people’s lives. Like the men, women, and children on the ground, You Are HDF!

HDF depends on volunteers to spread the word and raise funds for the work we do in our 5 programs. Visit our HDF Facebook Page and share the stories of people you're helping in Pakistan. Don't forget to add #IamHDF to each of your posts so your friends can easily find them.

If you’re interested in giving back to those who need your help, check out our list of Volunteer Chapters across the country, and see what they’re doing to help HDF.

HDF Volunteer Chapters

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HDF New York/New Jersey Chapter
HDF Seattle Chapter
HDF Silicon Valley Chapter
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HDF Washington D.C. Chapter

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