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2017 Expense Ratios

Programs $1,790,601
Fundraising $239,290
Management & General $124,233

Adopt a Village and You Can...

    Educate a Child

  • 82% of Children in HDF Villages are Enrolled in School

    Help a Mother Provide Healthcare for her Family

  • Over 21,000 families receive primary healthcare each year

    Grant a Father Training for a Better Career

  • Over 11,000 men and women receive technical/vocational skills training

    Provide Clean Drinking Water and Sanitation for Everyone in the Village

  • 96% of HDF Villages have access to improved water sources
  • 84% of HDF Villages have access to improved sanitation

    Empower Villages to Have Control Over Their Own Futures

  • More than 20,000 men and women are trained in Community Management and Self Determination

Help Make a Change...One Village at a Time

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