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HDF Team Profile

2017 Expense Ratios

Programs 76%
Administration 8%
Fundraising 16%

*Disclaimer: These are unaudited numbers for 2017

HDF Team Profile

Zulfigar Ali
Zulfigar Ali is one of those rare gets for an organization. After 19 years in community development, humanitarian response, project management, and internal and external stakeholder/partner collaborations you could say he was born for this work.

He started his professional career after completing an MSc in Agri Economics from Faisalabad University in 1997 where he was awarded a 95% CGPA; the highest CGPA in the department. While working with the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) at Lahore as Research Assistant Economic, he also completed his Master’s thesis “Use of Different Water Sources and their impacts on human and livestock population in brackish water zones.”

After working for two years in the government sector, Zulfigar joined United Nation Development Program (UNDP) where he was responsible for economic analysis and monitoring and evaluating sub-projects.

Zulfigar Ali joined HDF on December 10, 2002, as Regional Program Manager of the Rahim Yar Khan Region. In 2007, he was promoted to General Manager of Program Services and was transferred to the National Office in Islamabad. Since then, Zulfiqar has worked closely with the Chief Executive Officer to ensure overall quality and impact of HDF programs. His role as supervisor of all program managers has to lead to the development, integration, and implementation of new and existing projects.

Thanks to Zulfigar’s work to ensure HDF programs are responsive to community needs and in line with the organization’s strategic plan, he has been awarded “Best in Management” in 2007 and Bonus Awards for the following 9 years. HDF is proud to honor Mr. Ali for the work he has done for the organization and the people in Pakistan.