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2017 Expense Ratios

Programs $1,949,314
Fundraising $408,056
Administrative $211,418

*Disclaimer: These are unaudited numbers for 2017

HDF Team Profile

Shanza Sohail, Content Developer

Shanza Sohail is a Content Developer with the Foundation Development (FD) team at HDF Pakistan since July 2017. She has an MPhil with an academic background in Economics and Development Studies, and truly understands key social and development issues in Pakistan. Her academic strength is complemented by her creative tendencies, making her an asset to the organization.

She is the focal person for the HDF Pakistan quarterly newsletter called “The Power of Five” and the HDF Pakistan annual report. She has also helped the FD team clear backlog by producing the 2016 and 2017 annual report drafts. The Annual Report 2016 has been printed while the 2017 one is in the design stage. She has been involved with the content creation, content dissemination and social media management for HDF Pakistan.

This year, Shanza helped make ‘Umeed Say Aagay’ a success as the leading advocacy campaign by HDF Pakistan. Her most noticeable endeavor to date, has been to devise an effective social media plan. Shanza is a team-player. She is liked all around and her co-workers praise her positive work ethics.
Shanza Sohail
Past Team Profiles

Zulfigar Ali