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HDF Has a New Executive Director

2017 Expense Ratios

Programs $1,790,601
Fundraising $239,290
Management & General $124,233

HDF Has a New Executive Director

Syed Mustafa Kamal, HDF Executive Director
The Human Development Foundation of North American (HDFNA) welcomes Syed Mustafa Kamal as its New Executive Director of Operations. Mr. Kamal brings substantial experience and managerial skills in business analysis, financial management, information technology, and not-for-profit organizational leadership to HDFNA.

Previously, Mr. Kamal has served in senior management as GM and CFO at Horizon Software Services (Dubai, UAE) for four years, as controller and CFO at Seisco International Limited (Houston, Texas) for over ten years, consultant in Innovative Financial Systems (Houston, Texas), and MSI Financial Services (Houston, Texas) as its Executive Vice President. He has also worked in public accounting and not-for-profit organizations including the Human Development Foundation in its formative years.

The HDFNA Board of Directors believes that Mustafa's proven track record in leadership and innovative management techniques will put the organization on a trajectory of success to achieve its short and long-term goals. Mustafa is also an experienced speaker. He has delivered lectures, presented papers, and conducted training workshops in financial management, communication skills, time management, strategic vision, leadership skills, and other areas.

"The Human Development Foundation is not new to me. I have worked for HDFNA as its Executive in 2000-2001. I am delighted to see how HDFNA has succeeded in the last two decades. It's an honor to work as its Executive Director again to enhance its fundraising potential and give back to the most deserving community in Pakistan," states Mr. Kamal.

"We definitely have the potential to take HDFNA to next level from this inflection point we are at with set of skills Syed brings to HDFNA. It's about time to transform HDF into an innovative, efficient and sustainable organization of the future," expressed Dr. Mahmood Alam, Chairperson HDF Board of Directors, at the joining of Mr. Kamal on March 1, 2018.

Mr. Kamal has spent last several years in Pakistan and is cognizant of the ground realities faced by NGOs there. "I am confident his working closely with management team in Pakistan will help improve the communication between the two organizations; leading to enhanced productivity," says Dr. Khalid Riaz, HDF Co-Founder and present Chairperson of HDF Pakistan.