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Umeed Say Aagay - Move Beyond Hope

2017 Expense Ratios

Programs $1,790,601
Fundraising $239,290
Management & General $124,233

Umeed Say Aagay - Move Beyond Hope

Pakistan is a country where mother and child mortality is hitting alarming levels. Over 400,000 mothers and children under the age of five die of preventable causes every year in Pakistan and over 175,000 of these deaths are related to malnutrition. These malnourished children have a higher risk of death from common childhood illness such as diarrhea and pneumonia. Nutrition-related factors contribute to about 45% of deaths in children under 5 years of age.

Pakistan’s economy is greatly affected by the consequences of malnutrition on this level. Lost laborers, healthcare expenses, and lower productivity cost Pakistan $7.6 billion or 3 percent of their GDP every year. With this in mind,HDF has launched the “Umeed Say Aagay” initiative to save mothers and children from death. “We can do it. Close to 90% of the deaths are preventable in Pakistan and this is the driving force for us”, said Saeed Ul Hassan, HDF Pakistan Executive Director.

Saeed Ul Hassan has recently been interviewed by Radio Pakistan and published in the news on this new initiative. As an Executive Member, Saeed has also participated in the first meeting of the newly elected Executive Council of the SUNCSA chaired by the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF). HDF has recently been elected to the executive council of the SUN Civil Society Alliance (SUNCSA) in Pakistan. This movement is working to bring people together for a coherent policy and legal framework to align programs around a common results framework with secure financial tracking and resource mobilization.

By joining HDF in this movement, you can save 400,000 lives this year.
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