Overcoming Drought and Poverty

2017 Expense Ratios

Programs $1,790,601
Fundraising $239,290
Management & General $124,233

Overcoming Drought and Poverty

Shahabzai was entirely dependent on the rain when Abdul Haadi joined his local HDF Village Development Organization (VDO) in 2005. Abdul used to grow wheat on his land, but the crop would wither and die in drought years. Often, he couldn’t even recover the seed he planted. When HDF constructed a new Dam for drought mitigation it made the whole village drought proof, and people like Abdul began to prosper.

Today, Abdul is a happy man. As a small farmer, he works hard and continues to grow healthy crops in his fields year after year. Not only does he grow enough food for his family, but he has a surplus to sell every year. On one of his acres, he even grows vegetables and fodder for his livestock that supplies his family with milk and butter. Soon, Abdul will establish a vineyard on two of his acres which will bring even more prosperity to him and his family.

Only a short time ago, the area of Shahabzai was one of the poorest in the district of Zhob but now the entire village is green and self-sufficient. Abdul Haadi has broken the chain of poverty and makes 36,000 rupees in cash every year in addition to the food he grows for his family. He has five young children; three that have started their education at the HDF model school nearby. “I am no longer poor thanks to the Dam HDF constructed. I can enjoy life with my friends and family,” he says.

Abdul Haadi