Meet Alia…

This is Alia Haq. Her story is like millions of young girls in Pakistan: a life challenged with struggles, multiple barriers and obstacles. In a small village near Rahim Yar Khan, young Alia is being forced to drop out of primary school. A family handicapped by poverty and dire circumstances has to pull their children out of school. Alia, instead of working on a math problem, was forced to work around the house and tend a barn.

HDF’s Social Mobilization team, upon learning of Alia’s situation, persuaded her parents to send their children back to school. HDF runs education enrollment campaigns through out the year to ensure out of school children are enrolled in school.  Alia was admitted to HDF’s Elementary & Secondary school, performing exceptionally well and graduating with honors from high school.

Alia at home in her village near Rahim Yar Khan


Alia (center) at her university where she will pursue a Bachelor's Degree


HDF also helped improve Alia’s family’s financial position. Alia’s eldest brother has now started a small business repairing motors through HDF’s Economic Development Program, and her younger siblings are now studying in HDF schools at different grade levels. Alia herself has received a college scholarship to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Despite all the hardships in her life, Alia has a very positive outlook towards life. She is determined and focused, stating,”…I want to get a job to ease my family’s financial burdens and do something for my village.” She ultimately wants to pursue her Master’s degree in the future.

There is no doubt that HDF is doing amazing work in our community and came to help us when no one else did. The confidence I gained and the belief instilled in my that I can change my life is the most valuable thing I’ve benefited from. This has helped me find a purpose in life, and I hope I can do the same for people in my community.” -Alia Haq-

Alia in school (center)

This exceptional girl wants to bring change in her family and community, and break the cycle of poverty. HDF’s Holistic Model, starting from it’s Social Mobilization to its Education Program, provided Alia with a strong foundation of opportunities and resources.

Poverty, cultural constraints, and an inadequate supply of resources hinder progress for development. It is hard to imagine that there are millions of girls in Pakistan like Alia, who are not as fortunate to reach their full potential or capacity. HDF envisions the future of Pakistan’s girls to be healthy, literate, and aware of their rights and leadership capabilities. Our goal is to help them transform their lives and their communities by providing them the skills for self-efficacy and autonomy. Investing in girls’ education is the most effective global solution to eliminate gender disparity and break the cycle of poverty.