News Story: Tazeema Hakam – A Story of Determination

Date: Mar 08, 2022

Achieving my educational goal and being a successful person in my story was a mere dream in yesteryears when I was not confident enough to accomplish it.


My story is emotional, frustrating, and satisfying at the same time. I grew up with two brothers and two sisters, our parents worked hard to provide for us but it was not enough to help us fulfill our dreams and complete our education. My siblings were high school dropouts, their dropping out of school not only drained me emotionally and morally but it gave me the courage to dare the odd. 


I challenged the family but worst was waiting for me. I came to know that there is no high school for girls and if someone wants to continue, they have to study either in a boy’s school or travel to Muzaffarabad city. Both options were not easy to practice in a culturally conservative area of Darna. My dream of completing education became thought of good old times.

I was in grade 8 when I came to know that Human Development Foundation (HDF) is establishing girl’s high school in Darna, Bugna. My prayers were answered and HDF-PAGS Girls High School Darna, Bugna Muzaffarabad was established in 2006 right before passing my grade 8 exams. I was lucky enough to complete high school with good grades because of HDF. After completing my matriculation, with the mentoring of my teachers in HDF School, I knew I am going to complete my university degree in any circumstances.

I took admission in college and kept achieving my milestones. I still remember the day when I completed my Master’s in Botany in 2017 from AJK University, my parents, family, and teacher in HDF were proud of my achievement. I was determined to excel in science subjects, so I completed my M.Phil in Biotechnology in 2020 from AJK University and secured second position in my batch. 

I always dreamt of sharing my knowledge and working with students and the community, so I decided to join HDF-PAGS Girls School Darna, Bugna, the place that saved my future and fulfilled my dreams. Today, I am working as a principal of this school, mentoring girls and inspiring parents to let their daughters fulfill their dreams. 

Tazeema Hakam

Principal, HDF-PAGS Girls High School 

Darna, Bugna Muzaffarabad (AJK)