News Story: HDF’s Roadmap to Rebuild the Lives of Flood Survivors

Date: Apr 24, 2023

Today most families affected by the flood are still sleeping under the open sky, in tents, or makeshift shelters,. More than 30 million people have been displaced and are forced to live in unstable structures and under poor conditions.

HDF believes in sustainable development and therefore plans to build new homes for families whose homes were demolished by the recent  flooding in Rajanpur, Jacobabad, and Ghotki. We are taking a community participatory approach whereby the construction of a model house in all three districts is completed. This model house is being replicated by community members with the help of HDF, placing them at the center of the recovery phase. The model is a low-cost, high-impact design that  is capable of withstanding floods and other disasters while protecting the beneficiaries’ dignity.  Each home is 360 square feet and has one bedroom, an attached bathroom, and a kitchen. We are partnering with MAVEN projects,  local consultants and experts in delivering quality design that is are cost-effective