News Story: A "Lifeline" Dam: How Donors Like You Can Save Lives

Date: Apr 27, 2023

The Human Development Foundation (HDF) held the inauguration ceremony of Afaf Dam in Soon Valley on March 15, 2023. The dam is located in the village of Siddiqueabad (old name Kufri), Soon Valley, and was built by HDF with the support of the Qayyum family, who generously donated towards the project. The inauguration ceremony was attended by representatives from local departments, the Qayyum family, local authorities, HDF staff, and community members.

Mr. Mehboob ul Haq, CEO of HDF Pakistan, stated in his opening remarks, “With the construction of the Afaf mini dam, we are taking a crucial step towards addressing the challenges of climate change and groundwater depletion. This dam will not only provide a reliable source of water for the local community but also contribute to the conservation of the environment in the region," He shared that HDF is committed to introducing value-added agriculture methods, income-generating crops like olives and saffron with the equal participation of women and youth of Soon Valley. These are stepping stones to achieving the carbon credits that will not only benefit the community but Pakistan as a whole. 

HDF broke ground on the dam on May 20, 2022, in the presence of distinguished guests and community members. The nearby village is home to a population of 12,000 people who directly benefit from this delay-action storage dam. 

“The dam will positively impact agricultural production and increase in crop yield. It will also contribute favorably to the flora and fauna of the area. Moreover, it will revive the natural habitat and wild life,” emphasized Haji Khair Muhammad, Chairperson of the local Village Development Organization (VDO).

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali, General Manager of Projects and Programs Implementation, highlighted the organization's commitment to creating sustainable solutions to address social and environmental challenges. He shared that in addition to the Afaf mini dam, HDF is also working to establish a Mother and Child Health Care Center in the Soon Valley, which will provide quality medical care to residents of the valley and its surrounding areas.

Dr. Naheed M. Qayyum, expressed her deep appreciation for the completion of this project.  She said that this dam is in dedication to Afaf Qayyum who was a kind, compassionate person, involved in community service and philanthropy from a very young age.  

Mr. Khair Muhammad expressed his gratitude for the construction of the Afaf dam, saying, "We have been facing water shortages for many years, and our underground water table has been rapidly depleting. The construction of this dam is a lifeline for our community, and we are thankful to HDF and the Qayyum family for their support."

HDF has a long-standing commitment to improving the lives of marginalized communities in Pakistan by providing equal access to education, healthcare, WASH, and sustainable livelihoods. The organization's efforts are focused on creating sustainable solutions to social and environmental challenges in the country. The Afaf dam and the Mother and Child Health Care Center are among the numerous initiatives that HDF has undertaken to achieve its goal of creating a more equitable society.

HDF believes that by collaborating with supporters like you, and local communities and partners, it can continue to make a meaningful impact.

Check out the footage of the dam from overhead! It is inspiring to see how donors like you, who funded this dam, make a difference for vulnerable kids and families.