THANKS Scholarships

One scholarship may not change the world but, it may change the world for that student.

At HDF, our commitment is to provide opportunities and resources to help students achieve their educational aspirations. The gift of education is a true legacy that impacts generations to come. 

The Purpose

THANKS Scholarships provide us an opportunity to award students, thank Almighty and pay homage to those who have helped us in our personal journeys to success.

These awards serve as an incentive for students to be more industrious and provide financial assistance to qualifying students to ensure that financial constraints do not hamper them in achieving their full potential.

How Does It Work?

The minimum donation of $10,000 is needed to establish one THANKS scholarship.

This donation will become part of HDF Endowment Trust. Every year a maximum of only 10% of the endowment funds is disbursed as awards. At least ninety % of the donations/income from investment remains in the Endowment Trust. The scholarships are given in perpetuity.

The first distribution for the scholarship takes place approximately one year after the full donation for a scholarship has been received at HDF. 

How to become a Sponsor?

To start a scholarship, the sponsor sends a donation of any multiple of $10,000 to the Human Development Foundation.

The scholarship fund can also be started as a recurring donation with monthly/quarterly installments until $10,000 is collected. 

Smaller contributions are also welcome; however, a scholarship can only be set up once a minimum donation sum of $10,000 has been received.

To initiate the process and learn more about the program you can contact the HDF office or one the HDF THANKS Committee members. 

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