HDF Provides Emergency Care to Rural Villages

Last Update: Sep 13, 2019


In the US, and other western countries, when a medical emergency happens there’s 911. But what happens when a 6-year-old who lives in a remote rural village do when his foot is caught and churned in a tractor trailer accident? His mother calls her local HDF Health Clinic.

Humaira Fiaz knows first-hand what it’s like to see your child suffer and have limited access to medical help. Humaira and her family’s livelihood depend on farming; it is all her family knows. One day her six year-old son, Usman, accompanied his uncle to the farm. While sitting on the tractor, Usman’s foot was caught and the flesh of his foot was separated from the bone.

With help from an HDF ambulance, Humaira took Usman to Nawaz Sharif Hospital located over an hour’s drive outside the village. There are no hospitals in the village, but thanks to donations from the Seattle Network, The Lahore HDF health clinic is equipped with emergency transport for emergencies like Usman’s when medical transport to a hospital is needed.

At Nawaz Sharif Hospital, Usman received treatment and dressing for his wound. Suffering and in pain, Usman was facing what would no doubt be a difficult post recovery journey. Post-accident care was crucial for Usman’s healing and to return his foot to full health so he could walk again.

Unfortunately, due to his deep wounds, Usman developed an infection days after his accident, and HDF’s health clinic played a vital role in Usman’s recovery during this phase. The HDF health clinic is a ten-minute walk from where Usman lives. During the months of Usman’s treatment, Humaira carried him in her arms as she walked daily to the HDF clinic. At the Clinic, Usman was able to receive post injury care on a daily basis. The health clinic team worked relentlessly around the clock to ensure Usman had a speedy recovery.

“HDF Health Clinic took immense care of my son. Every day during his recovery we exclusively came to the health clinic, where the staff monitored his recovery and did his dressings.” Humaira recalls, “Everyone at the health clinic was so nice and polite. Everyone at the clinic was concerned about Usman’s well-being and wanted to see him recover to full health.”

Almost three years later Usman, now 9 years old, is doing well. Now thanks to continued treatment from the health clinic almost three years later Usman is able to walk and run just like other kids his age.

With your help tonight, HDF will continue to help other children and community members like Usman, who during a traumatic injury can turn to their trusted team of medical providers—the HDF health clinic. HDF health clinics serve as an urgent care and general medical care site for the villagers serving the village population at large. In absence of a hospital in the village, the community members depend and rely on the HDF health clinic. Donate today and help children like Usman gain firm footing in no time!