Bringing STEM Education to Girls in Pakistan

Last Update: Sep 13, 2019


A love of all things numbers, reading, and knowledge it comes as no surprise her future career options range from engineering, to computer science, to army. Who said she can’t pursue all three? This book lover and avid reader loves to collect knowledge. “If I could, I would study anytime. All the time,” shares Ayesha. “I love to read and I enjoy reading books that are informational from which I expand my knowledge.”

With a push of getting more girls excited about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) based careers, HDF schools are setting the right tone for girls like Ayesha. At HDF, a strong curriculum is offered in science and mathematics, and more girls are being prepared to be future leaders in the STEM fields.

“If I become an engineer,” says Ayesha, “I will teach kids who cannot study and will show them through my example that you can do anything.” With this mantra in mind, Ayesha proves she’s one to watch. “Why should girls be left behind?” She zealously states, “You can do anything even if you are a girl. Girls should not be left behind…” With her book back strapped on, books in arms, and a vision to reach new heights she is ready to take on the world.

Ayesha is not only ready to challenge the male dominate STEM world, but parents who do not believe in a girl’s education. She shares that in her village “Some parents are not very encouraging when it comes to girls’ education.” She bravely proclaims, “I will raise awareness. Parents should believe in their children, all children, even girls.” Likewise, she says that students as parents also bear a responsibility, to make sure that they get good grades and not disappoint their parents, especially girls. She notes HDF has played an influential role in changing parent’s perception about girls’ education.

When asked how HDF is helping she shares her story. “I come from Carole, a nearby village that is a 30-minute walk one way to school.” There are many students like Ayesha with dreams to touch the stars and obtain an education, which will allow them to serve their village and country one day. This education is provided by HDF, and is doing its part to enable these girls to obtain a sound education in all subjects.

“HDF is doing a lot to help me. We like attending HDF schools because parents and community members know HDF brings teachers from the city who are highly educated. They are helping families who cannot afford to pay tuition and provide scholarships for high achievers. HDF gives me tuition discount and helps me with my education to get good results. I’ve been with HDF since eight grade to metric [10th grade].” Ayesha is confident with the help of HDF one day she will become an engineer.