Creating Safe Educational Environments for Girls in Pakistan

Last Update: Sep 29, 2019


Nimra Rafique lives in her small village of Eno Bhatti where she attends the HDF run school every day. With dreams in her eyes and books in her hands she is ready to conquer new heights. She wants not only to change her world, but the world of others around her. She is doing that with the help of HDF as it works to mobilize her community on different fronts.

Nimra is a young girl with a mission for education and “her HDF”, as she fondly calls it, helps her achieve that dream. With her sights set high and education on her mind, Nimra is ready to take on Eno Bhatti and her metric exams (10th grade board state level exams) with full force. As a student in the 10th grade, Nimra has aspirations to study further and go on to pursue her studies at the collegiate level. She wishes to become a traveling doctor or a “doctor who is also a pilot” as she put it.

Working to achieve this goal, she credits HDF as an equal partner in her success. “Parents teach their children now to walk, but HDF did my spiritual training. HDF gave me a new perspective and taught me how to understand and comprehend.”

Nimra, like any other tenth grade girl, enjoys makeup and hanging out with her friends. Her days consist of school and homework, helping at home with chores and at night hitting the books hard to prepare for the next day. She likes to research, read books, and as a budding future healthcare professional, she enjoys conducting lab experiments.

When asked about sharing her perspective and her message to all those reading her story she says “I pray that Allah makes me an avenue for other girls in my community. I pray they can study and go to school like I do thanks to HDF. My message to all parents is let all girls study because when girls study, the entire family prospers.”

Nimra is among a fortunate group of girls allowed to study. The common perception in many villages is not to send older girls to school. However, with HDF, that mindset is changing. HDF has created a safe educational environment where girls can come and go without worry. Seeing the success of students like Nimra, who have been in the Eno Bhatti school since it first opened, has villagers feeling safe to send their daughters to an HDF school – a trusted source of education in the community.

As this future doctor and aviator gets ready to spread her wings and fly we invite you to join her on her journey and help support the work HDF is doing to education girls like Nimra.