Pakistan Floods Emergency Appeal 2022

Last Update: Jan 29, 2023

Pakistan is facing catastrophic floods in Baluchistan, KPK, Punjab, and Sindh, destroying lives and livelihood. Loss of human life and destruction of livestock and crops is causing hunger and homelessness.

Over 33 million people are affected,  the death toll has crossed 1,500 precious lives, 3,100 km of roads are destroyed, 145 bridges washed away, 581, 207 households are displaced and 793,995 livestock had perished.  According to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), nearly 220,000 homes were destroyed and half a million more badly damaged. NDMA has mentioned that Pakistan received 166.8mm of rain in August 2022, as opposed to the average of 48mm- an increase of 241 %. Sindh and Balochistan are the worst-hit regions which have witnessed a 784% and 496% increase in the monsoon deluge, respectively.

The estimated cost of flood-related damage is $ 10 Billion. 

HDF Flood Relief Appeal

HDF is like in previous calamities of earthquakes. drought and pandemic is working hard to provide relief & rehabilitation to the affected. The Flood victims are looking for your support

Food Pack

Ready to eat: dates, cereals, wheatable biscuits, dry milk, roasted chick peas, water                                                                                                   

1 Family Pack  $ 20

non-cooked items: wheat flour, cooking oil, sugar, rice, masoor daal, mong daal, red chilies, Kabuli channa, salt iodized, drinking water bottle     

1 Family Pack  $ 45

Hygiene Kit

soap (2bars), sanitary pad(1pack), diapers (1pack), dipper(1pack), bucket(1), toothpaste(1), brushes (2), rubber gloves (1pair)                                     

1 Family Pack  $ 20

Medical Kits

mosquito lotion, mosquito coil, ORS, basic medicine, mosquito net                                                                                                                               

1 Family Pack  $ 20 

Shelter Pack

tent, tarpaulin, plastic mat, bedding, stove with cylinder, torchlight                                                                                                                                   

1 Household  $ 300 


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