Rebuild Lives Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Last Update: Mar 20, 2023

"We are grateful for supporters like you," says Namaz (far right). Steadfast and resilient, he
is optimistic about the future and eager to rebuild his life with his family. Please help today.

As the devastating flood engulfed Namaz's tiny home and what little possessions his family owned, he, Nazan Bibi (his wife), and Reshma and Liaquat (their 4- and 2-year-old kids) were forced to flee in the middle of the night and later take refuge in a tent near the rubble and ruin left in the wake of the damaging water. Soon after, the family was struck once again by hardship when the three goats they relied on for income died from a waterborne disease.

Today they are still struggling to survive.
The hardest days are when Reshma and Liaquat go hungry and have to go to sleep with their tummies empty.

Won't you help give them a fighting chance to rebuild their lives by bringing safety and comfort this Ramadan?
Donate now!

Your donation of zakat and sadaqah can provide the following to families like Namaz Ali's:

Rebuild 1 Family’s Home - $1,900
Provide safety and bring comfort. 

Construct 2 Sanitation Facilities - $640
Help reduce the spread of disease. 

Install 1 Hand Pump - $300
Help provide clean drinking water. 

Provide Education – 1 Child/1 Year - $200
Give the gift of a brighter future. 

Provide Meals – 1 Student/ 1 Year - $90
Help provide proper nutrition kids need to thrive. 

Provide Basic Healthcare for 1 Family - $20