Solar Water Pump - Village Katho Sama and Bheel Tharparkar

Location: Tando Muhammad Khan, Sindh, Pakistan

Through the donation of Yasmeen Patel and Shaheen Hira, two sisters from HDFNA, and the work of Village Development Organization and community members, Village Katho Sama and Bheel Tharparkar now have access to an uninterrupted supply of water thanks to a Solar Water Pump.

Accessibility of water was one of the first priorities the community identified when HDF came to the area. Women would normally spend an average of 3 hours pulling water from dug wells before the implementation of a water pump. Today, approximately 1,032 people, including over 508 adults, 524 children, and 810 animals all receive water from this facility. Thanks to this project, life has changed for these residents.  

In Village Katho Bheel there were no street lights to light the way to the water pump, so 6 solar operated street lights and 40 solar hand lights have also been provided to the village population.

Thanks to HDF donors, the Solar Water Pump Project has achieved the following objectives:

Formation of Village Development Organizations in village Katho Sama & Village Katho Bheel: