Education is a Powerful Tool for Women

Location: Tando Muhammad Khan, Sindh, Pakistan

Iqra Anum was one of the children enrolled in HDF Mustaqeem’s school. She received her primary education there in 2006 and continued her education. After graduation, she was selected at the University of Sindh for a Master’s program in Mathematics. 

Upon completing her Masters, she applied for the vacant post of Mathematics teacher at HDF’s Secondary School Kapoor Moree. She was selected and joined as a teacher in January 2018. 

Ms. Iqra has expressed her gratitude to HDF for opening Secondary Schools in their village. 

“Through the social mobilization efforts of HDF, awareness about education was created in my community. The formation of HDF Secondary School in the village has resulted in high enrollment of children because the school was near. VDOs play a vital role in creating awareness among people.”   Iqra Anum

She mentioned that due to the efforts of HDF, not only her family, but all the villagers have started enrolling their children in schools. Her two brothers have studied at HDF schools and are now graduating from universities in Jamshoro and Nawabshah. VDO Mustaqeem now has a 100% enrollment rate.