News Story: Surprising Results Lead Sadia to Better Vision

Date: Oct 04, 2023

As a student at the Human Development Foundation's school in Ainu Bhatti Village, Lahore, Sadia has been determined to get an education and build a better future for herself and her family.

However, when she was in 5th grade her academic performance began to decline. Due to lack of awareness and education, Sadia, like most kids with vision problems, didn't even know she had weak eyesight.

"I didn't know ... I often found it difficult to study. My mother used to give me medicine thinking it was a headache ... They couldn't even identify the real problem," Sadia recalls.

It was a challenge to keep up with her classmates academically. How could Sadia excel in school when she could not read the whiteboard or her books? As you can imagine, for a young student who has high hopes to build a better future for herself—this was devastating.

But Sadia's story doesn't end there. Because of donor support, Sadia's school was part of the Nazar 2020 program that conducted vision screenings. She also received the glasses she needed to correct her vision. Today Sadia excels in school and confidently engages with her friends and teachers. Go Sadia!

"... I was surprised when the Nazar 2020 team identified my real problem of weak eyesight. They provided me with spectacles. I will never forget this. Thank you ...!"

Clear Vision = Brighter Futures

The Human Development Foundation's Nazar 2020 program helps raise awareness of vision problems, educates parents, kids, and teachers on the importance of clear vision, and provides vision screenings and glasses.

Since 2019, donors like you have made it possible for us to set up vision screenings for more than 9,000 students and distribute more than 2,400 glasses in 38 schools in Pakistan.