Success Stories

Last Update: Mar 08, 2022

The Story of Asma

An ordinary girl, an offshoot of a strict patriarchal social system with an ‘unruly’ dream to conquer the world with her pen and book, might sound cliché; however, meeting an epitome of strength and courage in flesh and bone is pleasantly unsettling and doubtlessly inspiring. The way her eyes twinkled, while she shared her story of shattering the glass-ceiling was admirable.  Read More 

Aspiring Doctor, Rimsha 

Rimsha Javaid lives in a small village of Ainu Bhatti in Lahore where she attends an HDF Secondary School. She dreams not only to change her world but the world of others around her. Read More

A Quality Future

Born in Haji Khan Zohrani village in district Malir of Karachi, Saira was born to a lower-middle-class family and she looked destined to follow the path of many young girls in her village. The community was unconcerned about educating girls, allowing them to only have a primary education from a government school nearby before marriage. Read More

Giving Hope to All

Shammi was pale, hopeless, and suffering from severe low blood count when HDF community health workers found her in Union Council Bagh-o-Bahar, Tehsil Khanpur in Rahim Yar Khan. The Hindu scheduled caste lady had moved into the area recently with her husband, Gurdas. She had already gone through the heartache of losing two children in four unsuccessful pregnancies within two years. Read More

The Motorbike Lady

The sight of a woman on a motorbike still shocks a few in the district of Rahm Yar Khan, but Shazia Ismael is Secretary of the local HDF Village Development Organization (VDO) and no one disapproves of the work she’s done for the village. Read More

Spreading Healthcare Awareness

Fatwarani has a young child who is severely ill and suffers fits. Her second child passed away during labor. She admits to her own fears and perceptions when it comes to doctors and hospitals. She says it is because of these fears that she hesitated to get regular checkups and gave birth to her first child at home. Read More

Changing a Lifestyle is Easy. Changing a Mindset is Not.

Najma Ramzan was one of the many girls who's known only by her value to the household. However, Najma never wanted a future like that. She wanted an education, she wanted a better life, and she wanted to make it happen for herself. Read More

Lady Health Workers Striving to Empower Communities

Maria Rashid has been working as a Lady Health Worker since April 2014. In the HDF community clinic of Eno Bhatti in Lahore, she treats several patients daily and helps lessen the load for communities where there are no doctors on site. Read More

Volunteers are Bringing Clean Water to Pakistan

People in the village of Walio Kolhi live hand to mouth. Their major source of livelihood is agriculture, and some people also find labor outside their village. Kacha houses, poor hygienic conditions, unpaved streets, uncovered drains, absence of latrines and poor sanitation system describe the lives of villagers living in Walio Kolhi. Read More

HDF Provides Emergency Care to Rural Villages

In the US, and other western countries, when a medical emergency happens there’s 911. But what happens when a 6-year-old who lives in a remote rural village do when his foot is caught and churned in a tractor trailer accident? His mother calls her local HDF Health Clinic. Read More

Bringing STEM Education to Girls in Pakistan

A love of all things, numbers, reading, and knowledge it comes as no surprise her future career options range from engineering to computer science, to the army. Who said she can't pursue all three? Read More

Creating Safe Educational Environments for Girls in Pakistan

Nimra Rafique lives in her small village of Eno Bhatti where she attends the HDF run school every day. With dreams in her eyes and books in her hands she is ready to conquer new heights. She wants not only to change her world, but the world of others around her. She is doing that with the help of HDF as it works to mobilize her community on different fronts. Read More

Determined Women Making an Impact

Tazeema Hakam hail from AJK and she had attended the HDF-PAGS Bunga school which helped to fulfill her dreams. Today she is the principal of the very school that paved her way for accomplishment & success in life. Read More