Education & Literacy

With your help, HDF strives to provide education for all through our Education and Literacy Program.

Our efforts are all-encompassing; from building new schools to instilling a love of learning amongst children, and providing local residents with training, tools, and skills to engage parents in school activities. 

One of the main aspects of HDF’s efforts is girls and women’s education. Many families do not see the benefit of educating daughters when there are mouths to feed. Many young girls are forced to drop out of school. HDF envisions a future where girls are healthy, literate, and aware of their rights and leadership capabilities. Investing in girls’ education is the most effective global solution to eliminate gender disparity. HDF Village Development Organizations work to persuade parents to send their young girls back to school and give them the opportunity to break free from poverty.

The HDF enrollment rate in HDF villages has surpassed the overall rate in Pakistan.

Projects Under This Program