Changing a Lifestyle is Easy. Changing a Mindset is Not.

Last Update: Sep 29, 2019


To go against the norms of society from a very young age, and when you’re a girl, takes a lot of courage. Standing up for yourself is not the tough part, standing alone for it is. 

In a society where the existence of a girl means marriage at an early age, her worth is confined within the walls of the home. Getting her settled with a family of her own, even before she knows what family means, is the priority.

Najma Ramzan was one of those many girls, who’s known only by her value to the household. However, Najma never wanted a future like the many around her. She wanted an education, she wanted a better life, and she wanted to make it happen for herself. 

Najma started her education at primary level in an HDF school in Basti Rais, where HDF was the only organization working in their village for their development in 2003. With her father being a laborer and having a family of 11, it was not an easy journey for Najma. She knew she would not be able to afford her education any further, but her determination was stronger than her lack of funds.
She studied till her matriculation from HDF School and then she continued with an F.A. from Allama Iqbal Open University. She started working as a teacher in HDF schools, and with the earnings, she supports her own education. Najma’s success set an example for many in her small community.

This is not the only example of how HDF has succeeded in making life better for this girl. Even her father is an active member of their Village Development Organization where not just the value of education has been changed, but people have started changing their views about the whole perspective of living. In this, HDF has played a very important role in shaping their lives not just in education, but financial, health and social aspects. Thanks to these changes in the community, they donated land in 2013 for HDF to build a formal school.

Najma is one of the many gems as result of the intervention by HDF, where her community takes pride in acknowledging the transparency and complete support in all major aspects of their lives.

“We should face difficulties with great courage. With the proper knowledge and full attention towards our goal, we can make everything possible.” - Najma