HDF Lady Health Workers Striving to Empower Communities

Last Update: Aug 26, 2019

Maria Rashid has been working as a Lady Health Worker since April 2014. In the HDF community clinic of Eno Bhatti in Lahore, she treats several patients daily and helps lessen the load for communities where there are no doctors on site.

“There is a lot of awareness and education and knowledge thanks to HDF in the village. With my work at HDF, I have seen a lot of visible improvement in the villages. Comparatively, government health workers are not as passionate. They don’t even have proper equipment such as BP monitors or weighing scales. Government workers don’t work like we do.”

Lady Health workers such as Maria work day in and day out to serve the community members of the village. The Eno Bhatti community Health Clinic consists of 1 lab technician, trained birth attendants who are equivalent to nurses who do small trainings, 3 staff members, 5 helpers who are female workers in the field. The clinic serves a magnitude of patients; so far this year the Eno Bhatti clinic has served over 2,300 men, women, and children.

The clinic assists nursing mothers, other adults, and pediatric patients under five. They monitor children under five years old and their growth including tracking all records of vaccinations and malnutrition of children. “Through its work”, as Maria shares, “HDF is empowering the HDF community of Eno Bhatti and its villagers”. 

The HDF impact can be felt reverberating throughout the village as you talk to HDF staff and the villagers. Through their work they are improving the overall quality of life for their beneficiaries focusing on all 5 key areas: Social Mobilization, Primary Healthcare, Education and Literacy, Economic Development, and Sustainable Environment.