Volunteers are Bringing Clean Water to Pakistan

Last Update: Sep 13, 2019


People in the village of Walio Kolhi live hand to mouth. Their major source of livelihood is agriculture, and some people also find labor outside their village. Kacha houses, poor hygienic conditions, unpaved streets, uncovered drains, absence of latrines and poor sanitation system describe the lives of villagers living in Walio Kolhi.

HDF started its social mobilization program in Walio Kolhi in 2003. The people in this village wanted to improve their society by making it sustainable. They formed a Village Development Organization (VDO) and decided their first task was to solve the drinking water issues of the village.

Last year the APPNA Virginia Chapter held an event for HDF and raised close to $50,000 to provide the Walio Kolhi village with a solar powered water filtration plan. Thanks to these donors, people in this village now have clean water and are living healthier lives.

“We are very thankful to HDF for providing us clean water, we all are happy that now our generation will be safe from diseases and will live a healthy life” 
Veer je VDO President 

“The water used to be full of salts and other impurities but now due to RO plant, the filtered water is clean and fit for drinking” 
A 48 year old village woman named Harya 

“The diseases like diarrhea and other water borne diseases were very common in our village but our health has now improved after the installation of filter plant” 
15 year old daughter of Homo; Soomri