HDF Clinic Health Workers

Location: Islamabad, Punjab, Pakistan

“What drives me every morning is the fact that in Pakistan, nearly 400,000 mothers and children die every day due to poor healthcare service.”

In my village, women were deprived of basic primary health care facilities, let alone tertiary care, especially during pre and postnatal stages. The realities of my community are such that the women, pregnant or otherwise, eat after the whole family is done eating. The necessary nutritional requirements are never fulfilled. This is coupled with a complete lack of empowerment. The women, therefore, are reduced to cogs in the machine called society.

The multiple trainings by HDF have made me more aware of these bitter realities. By learning and understanding HDF’s Mother and Child Health Care Model, I was able to provide necessary care to the women of my community. Now for the last 10 years, I have been instrumental in safeguarding healthy pregnancies and safe live births. 

Sughra Bibi

HDF Clinic Health Worker

Village Kalyah, Islamabad Capital Territory